Guy Wichelewski & co - Law Firm

גיא ויצ'לבסקי ושות' משרד עורכי דין

About Guy Wichelewski and Associates

Guy Wichelewski and Associates Law-Firm is well known for its outstanding success in the field of business and commercial law. The firm is a highly dynamic one, highly familiar with the various legal fields, and by that provides its clients with a wide range of high quality legal services, all under the same roof.

The firm maintains a commercial, civil and business law office; among its clients are the largest bank in the country, commercial entities, private and public companies, associations, corporate clients and individuals.
The firm’s lawyers serve as senior lecturers and hosts in seminars related to the firm’s fields of expertise.
Our staff includes lawyers, secretaries, students and interns, execution personnel, private investigators, confiscators, messengers, computer experts etc.

Our firm employs and cooperates with several external lawyers nation-wide, in order to provide a comprehensive professional range of legal services including notary, insurance, land, local authorities, civil wrongs, class acts, patent, technology, trademarks etc.

The firm utilizes several highly advanced legal software tools, some of which were especially developed to meet our special needs, with the intention of providing our clients with the best possible service, be they individuals or corporate clients. For example, our office management system is based on the "Commit Lawyers Software", one of the most advanced law firm management, levy, and execution systems available.

Our computer network is connected via the internet to the largest legal databases, where legal updates, laws, regulations, temporary orders, first, second and third readings of pending laws, judgments and verdicts etc., can be found.
Today, in light of our vast experience, we are able to handle every amount of legal cases and material with maximum efficiency.

Our staff invites you to enjoy our personal, devoted, reliable and professional service. You are welcomed to meet with us and join our ever-growing clientele, benefitting from our services.
Peter Drucker said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
We are welcoming you to be part of our respected clients.
We hope you will enjoy your visit to our site.